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Just $1

SC Pride is back in 2021, but it’s not all rainbows! So we’re asking each of you to donate Just $1 to help fund SC Pride.

2020 was unprecedented for everyone, and SC Pride was not spared. For at least a decade, our Festival and Parade have been fully funded by corporate sponsors and allies who believe in the mission of SC Pride and the path to equality for all LGBTQ South Carolinians.

We’ve almost never asked the public for large-scale funds, although we have always been humbled when someone donates anything.

We believe your money is precious, and have strived to keep it in your wallet, or at least give you a tasty beverage in trade!

However, corporate sponsors for 2021 are much rarer than ever due to the COVID pandemic.

So we’re reaching out to everyone who has enjoyed Pride over the years to donate Just $1 to help fund 2021 and beyond.

Just think— 2019 had more than 85,000 people on the streets. If everyone gave Just $1, we’d essentially be funded!

You’re of course welcome to donate more than Just $1, or more often than Just Once.

Anyone willing is also welcome to join the Grand Pride by donating $1000. Contact us to learn more.

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Just $1 Campaign Donors

Many donated more than Just $1— thank you!

Ben Allen
Eliza Allen Daniel
Yasmen Balogun
Alison Bastos
Marcel Blaze
Andrew Blind
Michael Brezicky
Philip Brooks
George Brozak
Shirley Bruce
Matthew Butler
Bryan Camp
Jesse Canniff-Kuhn
A.J. Chambers
Erica Chanel
Juan & Brian Chavarria-Spurgeon
Lauren Coates
Natalie Cobb
Jennifer Connor
Stefanie Cromer
Tiffany Dangerfield
Laura Dilworth
Kimmah Dozier
Autumn Driskill
Kim Dunbar
Elizabeth Ellinger
Barbara Embick
Alice Evans
Corey Fischer
Bruce and Lynda Fleury
John French
Jennifer Foose
Jessica Fountain
Eva Foussat
Barbara Garrison
William Gates
Jeanah Gillespie
Ambyr Goff
Ellen Gowan
Walter Graham
Courtney Grambley
Freddie Grant – Our Pride Life
Stefani Greene
Jessica Gunter
Ryan H
Joshua Hall
Harriet Hancock
Heather Hawn
Angie Helms
Allison Hines
Patti Hitops
Amy Hulion
Mary(Lisa) Hunt
Carrie Hutton
Immaculate Piercing
Holly Johnson
Ethan Jones
Keli Jones
Christopher Kaminski
Tonia Kirk
Cassandra Koenig
Samantha Kwiatkowski
Zenith Lamb
Tim Lawson
Paris Lefaris
Victoria Lefaris
Michael Lemocks
Stephanie Liles
Jaime Lomas
Sophie Lyon
Jeff March
Abby Marks
Debbie McDaniel
Margaret D. McDaniel
Sam McKenzie
Jonas Mendes dos Santos
Camilla Miller
Marsha Moody
Kyle Moores
EDYE Moran
Brooke New
Brianna Newton
Sara Norris
Frances O’Toole
Alex Palmer
Raquel Poveda
Taylor Reeves & Stella Fielder
Jim Rimer
Brittney Ruff
Kim Ruff
Cherish Rushing
Veronia Schoell
John Scruggs
Kimberly Shoulders
Shannon Simmons
Jim Small
Lonzo Smith
Sherry Smith
Suzanne Snyder
Stephanie Dreams Tarot
Chanel Stevens
Charvis Stevens
Jeannie Stricklin-Duggan
Gerald Tharpe
Patrick Thomas
Don and Rilla Travis
James Tuell
Julie Turner
J. Ann Walters
Michael Ward
Stephene Waterman
Ashton Waters
Craig Weber
Jonas White
Heather Williams
Lee Williams
Anthony Wilson – Our Pride Life
Michael Winkler
AJ Woodard

We received a LOT of tips and donations at Outfest Columbia, and unfortunately can't track that, but we wanted to say THANKS to everyone who donated!
Some donors wished to remain anonymous. Every effort has been made to keep the list updated. If your name is missing, or if your name is present but shouldn't be, contact us below.
As of September 12, 2021