Thank you for considering being part of our Grand 2021!

We are seeking donors who are able give give deeper than others and help push Pride to its fundraising goals!

From our President, Jeff March:

I am so happy that we are moving forward with events, especially Outfest Columbia and SC Pride Parade and Festival. It’s awesome news!

BUT it’s not all rainbows.

The years of work it took to build relationships with some sponsors seems moot now. Everywhere I turn on our support list, we are receiving responses from very big names that they are not able to give funds to events in 2021. That includes our largest grants.

To run a festival, many things have to be put on deposit, and we use money made early in the year to handle those purchases.

Money that we would normally gain in grants isn’t typically received until AFTER the event is held.

We all know our fundraisers weren’t allowed to happen in 2020, which made our income for an entire year zero.

It was awesome to have our event paid for us by our loyal sponsors and allies in its entirety. We haven’t been a financial burden to our community for the past 10 years, all while we grew and grew and grew.

But here we are looking at a complicated scenario. One that seems impossible for some. From my eyes, I think we can do it!

Scaling down is an option. But hold up: No matter what, there are logistic costs to events like this, this large, that you simply can’t skirt. It would be mind-blowing to most, but logistics that HAVE to be paid before the fluff is added are costs of well over $50,000-70,000! Betcha didn’t know! And for 10 years, we haven’t had that burden to bear; our allies had us covered. And for 32 years, we have done something that very few have been able t0 do: we have kept the festival free for everyone to attend!

2021 is going to be a financial challenge that I feel confident we can succeed.

We hope those of you who can will donate to our Just $1 Campaign. But we also hope that those in our community who have had maybe a better fortune than others can join us on the Grands list, donating $1000 to Pride in 2021.

Thank you for your time, your support, and, most importantly, for being proud today and every day.