Outfest Drag Pageant

Outfest Columbia Drag Pageant is a pageant for female impersonators (Miss Outfest) and male impersonators (Mr Outfest) who understand that community service is integral to the betterment of our LGBT Community.

The Pageant will be presented throughout the day at Outfest Columbia. Categories are Presentation, Evening Gown, Talent, and Onstage Question. The theme is “Be the Rainbow.”

This pageant will promote volunteerism, special events, and fundraising for the South Carolina Pride Movement. More than just a title, we expect our queen and king to be a leader in our Community at all times, and embody the mission of Pride throughout their reign and beyond as “former” titleholder.

The mission of South Carolina Pride Movement is to support the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community of South Carolina; to celebrate the richness and diversity of LGBT lives; to educate the general population on LGBT issues; and to advocate for equality and inclusion in all areas of life.

Pageant applications close at 5pm Friday, May 14.