Miss Outfest

Miss Outfest is a pageant for female impersonators who understand that community service is integral to the betterment of our LGBT Community.

This pageant will promote volunteerism, special events, and fundraising for the South Carolina Pride Movement. More than just a title, we expect our queen to be a leader in our Community at all times, and embodies the mission of Pride throughout their reign and beyond as “former” titleholder.

The mission of South Carolina Pride Movement is to support the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community of South Carolina; to celebrate the richness and diversity of LGBT lives; to educate the general population on LGBT issues; and to advocate for equality and inclusion in all areas of life.

2020 Miss Outfest

  • $0.00
    • At least four (4) contestants must enter to validate the competition.
    • Entry Fee is $50.00 (no checks accepted).
    • Prize package to include $200 cash plus gift package, crown, sash, and title.
    • Winner is required to perform the night of Outfest at AfterGlo, the Official Outfest after party.
    • All tips earned at South Carolina Pride sponsored events will be 100% donated to the Organization.
    • Winner is required to produce & organize six “Color Tour” Pride fund-raisers at six different locations throughout the state, with three prior to SC Pride Festival 2020 and three prior to Outfest 2021.
    • Winner is required to perform at the following President’s Ball.
    • Winner is required to perform at the Famously Hot SC Pride Festival.
    • This is a pageant strictly for female impersonation.